The VAR simulator

Van Amersfoort Racing has its in-house simulator for driver’s training, an activity which is seen as an important part of our business. It explains why we agreed to invest money, time and energy in developing training sessions like no others. Our approach is based on understanding driving techniques, understanding what to do to be consistently fast on track, while others mainly focus on producing fast lap time, vision, etc. We focus in providing a structure of understanding why certain techniques are fast in certain cars and the opposite sometimes. It’s all about understanding and optimising the dynamics.

We've recently added a new Formula 2 Simulator to our collection. It's a high-end professional setup, using the chassis from the F2 car used in 2022 and boasting a super clear 4K display. Plus, it's got a real F2 steering wheel from XAP. To ensure a perfect connection between the virtual world and the driver's expertise we’ve designed our own track models and car models.

Drivers are not let alone with the simulator: their actions are closely supervised. The combination of the proper instructions given by our staff and the quality of our programs make our simulator... a private teacher.

  • Our programs include all existing tracks.
  • We developed our own protocol for driver evaluation.
  • We use proven protocols/techniques to help drivers improve them.
  • We help understand and master the proper techniques for different types of cars.
  • We help understand the influence of the driver’s action on the car behaviour.
  • We define a structure that provides “what it takes” to perform at high level on track and on a regular basis.
  • We have 4 simulators linked together to do real race simulations.
  • We are always devoting time and energy in analysing and developing race tactics.
  • Our simulator is run by a real racing team and uses latest real-life on track data.
  • We benchmark our drivers with top-line racing drivers (Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, etc.)