Top Shape Cars

Our facilities in Zeewolde provide all required technical services to provide to our racers the very best-prepared cars when comes time to move to race courses. Of course, there is the requested number of bays to service all our cars but also an on-site parts and supplies department. The team also run an in-house shock dynamometer for shock absorbers development. Our new facilities also has all the necessary offices, spaces and meeting rooms required for our technical personnel and mechanics and to stage all kind of sessions with our drivers. As a natural extension to its headquarters, our team also send to the different race sites six (6) fully equipped large transporters.

Fit Drivers

Our team is well aware that the drivers under its authority are teenagers at a stage of apprenticeship in their life. Therefore, we clearly understand that the experiences they will have to live and the learning they will do during their time in the team, need to be likely to help them in their adult lives. In our new headquarters located in Zeewolde, the Netherlands - at a 45-minute drive from the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – we take good care of our racing cars, but as importantly, of the young individuals we help become adults and at the same moment better racing drivers. For example, besides being active in helping our drivers improve their technical knowledge and develop via discussions and simulator sessions their understanding of the proper racing strategies, we make available a first grade in-house fitness centre. Therefore, while at work at our headquarters, they can also maintain their best physical condition, according to training plan designed by their personal trainers.