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Tailor-made Events

Because we race, we understand as no other that every event is unique. Experience, flexibility and creativity are key in order to come out on top. Our approach to organising your event is no different. Teaming up with VAR > Events, means teaming up with a passionate group of individuals, dedicated to reach only one goal as a team;  Deliver the very best possible!

Besides a number of pre-developed event possibilities, we would love to partner up, brainstorm and develop together with you, aiming for an experience that leaves a mark.

And remember; possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

Through the eyes of a race driver

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a race car driver looks like when he/she is not racing on a circuit?

  • Experience a driver briefing as preperation for the simulator session
  • Train your reaction as the official drivers do on the in-house Dynavision
  • Discuss with your engineer important car settings and determine how to set-up your virtual race car
  • Show your skills in the simulator and experience the consequences of changing settings to the car

Ride & Drive Events

With our extensive in-house event organisation skills, VAR I Events is very capable of hosting your next product presentation or introduction.

  • Extensive in-house experience in Ride & Drive concept development and execution
  • VAR facilities offer numerous possibilities to host Ride & Drive events in a dynamic environment
  • VAR is geographically ideally located. Very central with good roads and low traffic in the direct surroundings

Food Factory

Host an exclusive, intimate dinner, or maybe a more informal lunch buffet in a unique setting, surrounded by Formula race cars...right at the heart of the VAR Factory.

  • VAR works with a variety of caterers and technical partners who can accommodate to every requirement and specific wishes you might have
  • Combine the dinner with other activities available at VAR or in the direct surroundings

Live Action

On selected races during the season, we offer the opportunity to join the team on race-day. Be part of the action as a guest of VAR.

  • Meet & greet with the VAR drivers
  • Enjoy, as an official guest, the VAR exclusive VIP area in the paddock
  • Take a guided tour through the race trucks, garages and paddock
  • Have engineers explain all the ins and outs of racing and listen along on the team radio during the races
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