VAR | Factory Experience

Factory Experience

Van Amersfoort Racing opens its doors to an audience beyond drivers and engineers alone! Now the unique opportunity exists to have a peek behind the scenes of one of the most successful F3 & F4 racing teams in Europe.

During this experience, you will be taken on the same journey that Frits van Amersfoort, founder and team owner, has started over 40 years ago. Based on a passion developed after visiting the 1967 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort, Van Amersfoort Racing grew into a successful racing team that has brought forward numerous well-known names in motorsports, amongst them Dutch pride in modern Formula 1; Max Verstappen.

VAR is an active race team and exactly this makes a visit to the factory in Zeewolde, NL so special. As you are guided through the state-of-the-art facilities, mechanics and engineers are busy preparing the formula race cars for the upcoming races.

Summarized; a unique experience focused around true passion for racing. An experience where you will be fully emerged in the amazing world of motorsports and get first-hand input on any question you might have on auto racing.


This unique experience takes approximately 2,5 hours, but at the same time will create a memory for a lifetime.

After a friendly welcome at the entrance of our headquarters in Zeewolde, you will be guided as our guest to the “drivers briefing room”, where soft drinks and snacks are served. From the “drivers briefing room” we start the experience by taking a step back in time and look at how it all started over 40 years ago. By means of stories and images you can relive VAR’s four-decade development into the successful racing team it is today. After the introduction to VAR’s history, we start the actual tour through our factory.

Filled with passion you will be given insights to all aspects of racing. How the team is build up and how we function on and off the circuit. How we prepare for the next stop on the calendar and how the cars are set-up for racing. We will show you how our engineers are constantly researching and developing technologies to gain tenths of seconds on the circuit, something of incredible importance in F3 & F4.

You will also get a taste of how VAR’s driver development program works and how our drivers benefit from race simulation, reaction training, physical health control etc. At the end of the Factory Experience we have time to talk about the visit and socialize. We look very much forward to welcome you in Zeewolde.

Currently we have no tour dates available. As soon as our race schedule allows for new tours through our headquarters in Zeewolde, we will post them here.

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