Van Amersfoort Racing | Driver Partnership



Whether it is in Formula 4 or Formula 3, supporting a young driver at an early stage of his career represents a very good marketing driven investment at an affordable price. Also, very often as they progress in their career and climb the ladder to higher ranks of the sport, drivers remain loyal to those who have identified them early as valuable brand bearers. For the company or brand that has associated itself to the driver, it is also possible to identify itself to the progress and increasing visibility of the driver. VAR can build a custom-made program for any potential partner interested by its drivers and with its 40-year experience; the team understand well the needs of any partners.

Why partner a VAR driver?

  • All our drivers have the responsibility to project the image of a “First Class” operation at all events in both series and they are coached accordingly.
  • Possibility to design a visibility program with responsibilities shared by the team and the partner’s personnel.
  • Eight (8) consecutive months of public and media visibility, from March to October.
  • Nineteen (19) weekend programs + testing sessions on thirteen (13) racecourses in eight (8) different countries.
  • Strategic positioning of your brand can also be added to our fleet of vehicles doing 200,000 kilometres of travelling on European roads in eight (8) countries, generating over 16 million impressions and on the designated race cars and racers’ race s suits.
  • Intensive international media coverage (Print and television) especially for its Formula 3 program.
  • Several possibilities for hospitality at events for our partners and their associates and/or customers.